Kitchen foolishness

One of my friends invited me to a barbecue this weekend and I thought it would be only fair to bring something. So I made a plate of kind-of-crudite with carrots, peppers, celery and grape tomatoes with truffle vinaigrette dressing. (I love that dressing.) While I was shopping at the local Central Market, I thought “gee, I don’t mind buying the truffle oil they have here, but I wish I could get actual truffles.”

Then I turned a corner and saw this:


Truffles! And only $200 a pound!

What a bargain.

I didn’t buy any truffles today, but if I’m feeling especially decadent I might go get some and make some kind of egg dish.

Once home, I cut up the vegetables and assembled them to take to the party. Then I got a little distracted and started going art on my cutting board.


I was only a little late to the barbecue.

5 Responses to “Kitchen foolishness”

  1. Lissa Says:

    Only $200 a pound! I have no idea why you didn’t jump right on that bargain!


    I miss that Central Market. The one across from La Madeleine, yes? It was just down the street from my apartment…up here, it’s almost a day trip to get out to any of the CM’s in the area.

  2. bezzie Says:

    Ha ha! Well at least you can’t say there isn’t any truth in advertising!

  3. Barbara from Nova Scotia Says:

    You’d think they’d keep the truffles behind a counter, under lock and key to prevent theft, not next to the passion fruit for a measly $2.99/lb! But then again maybe it’s meant to show what a great bargain the passion fruit is…

  4. Mary Says:

    That’s some knife. Kind of goes with the whole straight razor thing, huh?

  5. marnie Says:

    Your cutting board art reminds me of my old buddy Troy, who wore a romaine lettuce corsage to my wedding… ahh, chefs!