I can now drop all pretense – I recorded a podcast with the wonderful Lime & Violet & Caryn. They are uniformly lovely ladies and have all made me feel completely welcome and at ease here in Iowa. We celebrated a birthday for one of their knitting circle last night, and I finally made some progress on the socks that I’ve been working on. Of course, there was wine (and Root Beer Meade) served at the stitch-n-bitch, so I frogged everything I knit last night when I got up this morning.

Ladies, thank you very much. I have needed a vacation for a very long time. The combination of the long drive and the excellent company has been exactly the salve I needed to put work out of my mind and relax for a while.

Tomorrow I head home. More updates upon my safe return.

8 Responses to “Vacation!”

  1. marnie Says:

    Just remember, bro – in the immortal words of Mom:

    “Friends don’t let friends knit drunk.”

    What’s really funny is that I first typed ‘drunk’ as ‘dunk.’


    Thanks, Lime & Violet, for helping my dear lil’ bro relax.

  2. Plum Texan Says:

    Marnie, your mom is truly wise. I’m the only one in my SnB who never drinks at knit night because of that!

    D, glad you’re having a nice time. Not sure I’d relish all that driving, but it can be good for clearing the head.

  3. Carey Says:

    …root beer mead? Really?

  4. amanda Says:

    You just need to learn to take a project that can handle some alcohol. The project I was working on with my group Wednesday did not suffer from the martinis. :-)

  5. janna Says:

    Wait? Lime & Violet are in Iowa? Obviously, I’m not a regular listener, but I guess I should be….

  6. amanda Says:

    Dear Knitting Gods–
    I’m very very sorry. I will never gloat about knitting again. Thank you for reminding me of the defintion of hubris and allowing me to frog the whole damn thing.
    ps–it still had nothing to do with the martinis.

  7. marnie Says:

    Oh David, David, David… when are you gonna remember that Friends don’t let friends knit drunk?

  8. marnie Says:

    And no, I’m not drunk. Sadly. Since I just look like an idjit for making the same comment twice.