Strange Dreams

I had a dream last night where I and several other people found a bunch of barrels from an 1890s era ship. The barrels contained spools of magnetized paper tape that used to be threaded through an intricate system on the ship so that the exposed tape passed through every chamber of the ship. Each chamber had a mechanism for adding magnetic marks to the tape.

It was a steampunk on-ship Twitter system.

I think I need to unplug for a while.

4 Responses to “Strange Dreams”

  1. Kath Says:

    I admire your subconscious – it comes up with much better dream fodder than mine ever does!

  2. bezzie Says:

    Dude, can’t you just dream about showing up for work naked or in your underwear like the rest of us? 😉 That’s pretty damn complex!!!

  3. janna Says:

    You should write historic science fiction….

  4. Jadielady Says:

    Wow, and I thought I had weird dreams!