Sweet Revenge

So, two years ago at Rhinebeck, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, the Yarn Harlot, persuaded me to buy a big cone of merino yarn. “It’ll make awesome kilt hose!”, she said.

It was only later that I realized how scratchy the stuff was. So, this evening in Austin, I presented her with my instrument of righteous revenge:


Being her usual unflappable self though, she took it, felt it, and said “This really isn’t that scratchy. What, do you not like it rough?”

I might have to make her a matching bra now just to drive the point home.

17 Responses to “Sweet Revenge”

  1. Kath Says:

    Oh that is hilarious! And so bad. But so good too.

  2. Plum Texan Says:

    The best. Ever.

  3. minnie Says:

    that is so awesome!

  4. Juno Says:

    Just ’cause you’re a weenie about the itch…….

  5. Jason Says:

    But she’d never wear a bra!

  6. I blame the Vicodin « Letonbeau’s Weblog Says:

    […] normal. I asked my friend David(you all remember David right?) what I should do with the day.¬† He told me about meeting the Yarn Harlot the night before¬†and asked if perhaps I would like to write up the pattern for his little […]

  7. Michelle Says:

    Yeah, make her the bra. Then not only will she be the winners of round 1 (the purchase of the yarn) and round 2 (the thong), she’ll knock you out in round 3. haha

  8. danielle Says:

    loves it.

  9. Carol Says:

    I do believe that if you actually knit the bra, that makes you the winner. Just ‘cuz she’s a wuss about wearing woolies … and besides, it DOES get cold in Canada in the winter. There’ll come a time when she’ll be so thrilled to have warm woolie underwear that she’ll break down. Honest!

  10. Andrea Says:


  11. Andrea Says:

    Hilarious! Terrific retaliation garment :-)

  12. Lisa Says:

    See, originally I thought this was for you – I mean it’s BIG enough, right?

  13. chris from briar rose fibers Says:

    oh my gosh……….my sides are hurting from laughing………..

  14. margreet Says:

    You must have knitted Stephanies thong after something you are familiar with. So that is what you have on under your kilt, in SILK? Bit whimpy, no? What I really do want to tell you is this. I read about you burning your palm. Latest finds in burning yourself: forget icecold water or frosted peabags and anything else. Cool with lukewarm water for at least ten minutes. The thing is, cold water cools just the surface, but underneath that the burning heat can not escape and will go on doing harm, lukewarm water does not make your flesh shrink and therefore allows more of the overheat to travel out of your flesh. When the burning sensation has gone cooling down the area is fine, as long as you prevent it from being frostburned. When you are presenting Stephanie with the bikinitop, don’t forget to advise her to wash the set in boiling water. I still remember my aunt swimming in a wool bathsuit and enthusiastically embracing me. The embarrasment of what that wet siut revealed is still lively after 50 odd years.

  15. Kim Says:

    knitted pasties. That’ll do the trick.

  16. GeekChick Says:

    Oh, the sweet revenge! I think you should knit her a cupless bra }:)

  17. Jackie Says:

    I’m visiting Austin in August and I’ve been charged with the task of bringing you back to Florida with me. Evidently, you’ve made quite the impression! :)