I used to be faster at this.

I’m definitely not giving knitting priority in my life. I haven’t been keeping meticulous track of any figures to support this claim, but I think I can justly reach that conclusion based on two pieces of data.

During the original Knitting Olympics in 2006, I completed a pair of plain kilt hose in two weeks. That was hard – I spent almost all my free time knitting. I remember being so frantic during that period that at one point I was stopped at a red light on my scooter and knitting. That is what making knitting a priority is like.

So far this year, however, there has been a dearth of knitting time for me. There was a brief burst of creativity and action when I realized I only had a couple of days to turn out a thong for the Yarn Harlot, but that was the exception rather than the rule.

For all my laziness, however, I’m very pleased with the result of my single main project so far this year. Behold the Bamboo and Alpaca socks that I finished this weekend for my sister-in-law.

finished socks.jpg

I started these in December. Yeah. No hurry here. Maybe I need to start taking Kniagra or something.

12 Responses to “I used to be faster at this.”

  1. Denise Says:

    Can you share your source for the Kniagra? I think I might need some too!

  2. MARY Says:

    The socks look great! But yeah 7 months is way too long for knitting socks. You need to get started on your Rhinebeck knitting — it’s only 3.5 months away! Unless you intend to wear your Rhinebeck sweater from last year (and the year before?) and have more stalkers!

  3. Margaret Says:

    It’s sock knitting. Wouldn’t Lafeetra be a better medication? 😉

  4. Administrator Says:

    Lafeetra? Now that’s getting to the soul of punning.

  5. Plum Texan Says:

    So when you come to the close of a long project, would you say…the end is Enzyte?

    Don’t feel too bad. I’m notoriously slow to finish projects, life happening or not.

  6. =Tamar Says:

    Just tell me where I can get those products… I need them all.

  7. Administrator Says:

    Enough with the puns! Ambien serious!

  8. Suzy Says:

    I just started on the second sock for my daughter with yarn I gave her at Christmas. I think there are two whole rows done! I am knitting with Jitterbug so you know how long those tops are! You are doing far better than I! Miss seeing your sweet face.

  9. Pippy Says:

    Oooh! Really nice patas!!
    I’ve been a little slack on the knitting lately, too.
    But like you say, it goes in cycles.

  10. danielle Says:

    don’t feel badly, i’ve just finished a pair of monkey socks (a.k.a. the fastest pattern on the planet) that i started in march. it happens.

  11. Jess, of the Bugs Says:

    I don’t think it’s just you. I’m going through a relative dry spell my own self – at least as far as knitting goes.

  12. Miss Scarlett Says:

    I could do with some Female Kniagra myself!