*sigh* Rhinebeck

I’m going to miss Rhinebeck this year. First time in four years I won’t be there. I’ve really come to love that festival and all the people, but alas, time and money are not in great supply this year.

Someone please pet a sheep for me.

10 Responses to “*sigh* Rhinebeck”

  1. Lissa Says:

    It’s cool. I’m not going either and I haven’t ever been! I’m going to TRF instead. I think they have llamas there…

  2. Lynn Says:

    OK, I volunteer to pet a sheep. Also a goat, llama, and alpaca. Bunnies and herding dog puppies as available. Also all yarns and fibers. I will also do my best to sample all foodstuffs, OK?

  3. bezzie Says:

    It’s OK. An hour and a half away from there–and I can’t go for the same reasons.

  4. Kath Says:

    I feel your pain – I’ll be passing on Stitches West this year for much the same reasons. :(

  5. Michelle Says:

    We’ll miss you..

  6. deawn Says:

    Pity you won’t be at Rhinebeck. I’m here with my dear friend Susan who says she knows you! I’ll drop you a line to show you pics of all that you missed….including rain, snow, and rather chilly temps.

    We’ll miss you. Take care!

  7. Amanda Says:

    Some of us have *never* gotten to go! Next time you’re out this way I’ll take you to where you can get a free alpaca. I’m not kidding.

  8. Fiber Ninja Says:

    Sucks to not be independently wealthy, huh? Ate, petted, and fondled all of the appropriate items on the list. Also drooled over several amazing pairs of kilt hose. I hope to see you next year.

  9. Miss Scarlett Says:


    Sorry to hear it.
    On a selfish note: One less Rhinebeck blog post for me to drool over.

  10. Kim Says:

    Missed you David! Maybe next year!