Mint Roast

No, this is not really a mint roast. But such a pretty shade of green!

I was reading the back of a Morton Kosher Salt box a while ago and it had a recipe for a salt-crusted roast beef that struck me as really tasty. Basically you marinate your roast in olive oil, basil, marjoram, thyme and pepper overnight, then you put it in a roasting pan and coat it with a mixture of water and salt that creates a paste. Bake it until it’s done and then crack the crust off and voila, tasty food.

So, why is mine green?

All that tedious mixing of salt and water to get the right consistency . . . I figured it would just be so much simpler to throw a couple handfuls of seeded jalapeno peppers into my food processor and then add salt until it was the right consistency and use that instead.

Will it be tasty? Or will I have committed another brine against humanity? Only time will tell.

Two things – one, I’m happy to report that I have had no problems with the Kapoosh knife block. No issues with the plastic rods flaking – and I keep my knives very sharp.
Two, this roast probably would have been okay if I hadn’t overcooked it. Sigh.

6 Responses to “Mint Roast”

  1. minnie Says:

    the big thing with salt crusts is the fact that they preserve moisture (believe it or not!). they don’t really add a lot of saltiness to the dish. not sure what a handful of jalapenos will do, lol.

  2. Terri Says:

    I have had that knife block for almost a year and I’ve had no problems at all with it – no black bits flaking off, my knives are sharp and I can fit more in there than the ones with wooden slots. I love it.

  3. Miss Scarlett Says:

    “Or will I have committed another brine against humanity?”
    You are hilarious!
    Sorry to hear it was overcooked. I hate that.

  4. bezzie Says:

    Didja bake it with the label still on the pan? 😉

  5. Carolyn Says:

    If you’re looking for an easy roast recipe that can be used with inexpensive cuts of beef,mail me for the Cook’s Country garlic roast beef. (They’re a “countryfied” offshoot of Cook’s Illustrated.) It’s awesome. Made it the last time we had a dinner party and there were only slivers left.

  6. nicole Says:

    Ha, great info about that knifeblock! I’m glad it’s working well for you. I have a wood one but it’s not long enough for my butchers knife…

    And I have to admit, my first thought wasn’t “roast” it was “playdoh!” 😉