Soup weather

It was cold and rainy this weekend . . . perfect soup weather.

Roasted Red Pepper Soup

6 Responses to “Soup weather”

  1. GeekChick Says:

    YUM! And I love your soup cup too…did you make that?

  2. Kath Says:

    Hmmm…my temps hit the 80s recently so I’m still waiting for soup weather. The crockpot is ready though!

  3. Ellen-Mary Says:

    Ooh! Looks delicious.

  4. minnie Says:

    tomato with a lump of butter and croutons? delish! i’m gearing up for my annual monster pot of bean soup (we freeze it, then munch on it for months)

  5. Miss Scarlett Says:

    Mmmm this looks so good.
    Is it Squash/Pumpkin?

    Either way – good thinking with the butter and croutons. I am so doing that next time!

  6. marnie Says:

    Made this (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) last night… great vegetarian soup! (I did it with veggie stock… yum). Zan ate 2 helpings!!! You rock, bro!

    p.s. We made your pepper pasta about a week ago, too. The Dave’s Greatest Hits food festival continues… now I just need to whip up a pitcher of your special margaritas… :-)

    Getting the mop ready for the ceiling!