Musings on language

A friend called me a word geek in a chat today. That prompted the following outburst:

Sentience is really cool – once you become self-aware, you’ve got the ability to perceive your environment as distinct from you and something that you can proactively influence and manipulate.

But when you add a population with language on top of that, you get a massive network that can act in concert to influence the environment.

And when you add written language to that, you’ve got a population whose knowledge can be transferred across inhospitable environments to other populations, survive calamities, and even persist past extinction.

Language is fucking awesome.

With the possible exception of Java. Fuck Java.

4 Responses to “Musings on language”

  1. Lynn Says:

    Muse some more now and then, please. You’re too quiet.

  2. Ellen-Mary Says:

    There you are! How’s the puppy?

  3. Plum Texan Says:

    At the risk of sounding a bit L33t, word geeks FTW! Language *is* effing awesome. And it was such a well-composed outburst, too.

  4. Vicki in Michigan Says:

    Wandered over here from the Harlot’s.

    Thank you for setting up the Olympics setup!

    IMH, you don’t post nearly often enough. A person who can make this post (SO agreeing about stinking Java) AND knit (AND cook!) is a person whose blog presence deserves to loom large…………………..