Mistakes that are not mistakes

Well, this was unexpected.

I went out of town this weekend and like the forgetful person that I am, I left the measurements for the target recipient of my kilt hose at home. So I winged it when I turned the heel and started the leg. Unfortunately, in the winging of it, I mis-remembered the number of stitches that I’d put in the foot and I decreased more than necessary in the ankle. By the time I realized this, I was several inches in to the leg and I had a quandary. Without the measurements I had no idea if the leg would fit or not; it seemed as though it would, but I wasn’t sure.

So I punted and I started the other kilt ho. I worked it up through the heel turn and started the leg, this time only decreasing to where I had the same number of stitches in the ankle as I’d had in the foot.

This morning, I got the victim recipient to try on both nascent socks and guess what? The one with “too many” decreases fits like a glove. Or rather a sock. The other one is too loose.

So I have about an inch to rip on the second one and then I’m ready to rock these bad boys all the way to the finish line.

And there will be pictures soon.

And a picture!

Rosa was generous enough to act as my backdrop.


3 Responses to “Mistakes that are not mistakes”

  1. Kath Says:

    Bravo! Any and all of my attempts to “wing it” do NOT have positive results.

  2. Pippy Says:

    Pictures, pictures! :)

  3. Suzy Says:

    Looking like socks!! Can’t wait ’til they look more like hose!! I wonder if the Germans got their name for pants (Hose) from kilt-like garments. The Celts didn’t wear undergarments, ya know! THAT must be a shared trait with the Scots, huh? My grandpa was a Scot. Stubborn one or is Stubborn Scot redundant?