Derby returns with a vengance

Anyone seen the movie Whip It? It’s about roller derby and it’s set in Austin. I think more than a few Austinites have, or else they did an especially good job promoting the current derby season – I went up on Sunday and the place was mobbed. I just barely got a spot to take pictures.

But take pictures I did.




I’m just wondering how long it takes for roller derby to make it as an Olympic sport. The women certainly work hard enough at it.

2 Responses to “Derby returns with a vengance”

  1. Kath Says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the movie caused an increase in interest in the sport overall. Kind of like what Julie/Julia did for cooking classes!

    Haven’t watched Whip It yet and it’ll be awhile before I do (can’t get it free anymore and I’m a tightwad now) but I heard it’s good!

  2. minnie Says:

    i wish there were roller derby in omaha. give me an excuse to get offmy a$$ AND take my agressions out!