I’ve been wanting to make this pun for months

Last Thanksgiving, I took my girl Rosa up to my folks’ place to hang out with the family. The holiday was wonderful, a steady stream of rosy lights, family I had not seen in far too long, and never-ending food and drink. I was so transported by the atmosphere that it wasn’t until Rosa and I were driving back home in my tiny Mazda Miata that I noticed something very important.

Rosa is not a Miata-sized dog.

She’s no Mastiff, to be sure. But she is a 40 lb. dog, and the tiny seats in the Miata just are not built for a pup like her. So in December, I shopped around until I found a vehicle that was more comfortable for her to travel in.

Having obtained that vehicle, I can finally present . . . Rosa, in her Element.

Rosa in her Element

7 Responses to “I’ve been wanting to make this pun for months”

  1. Ellen-Mary Says:


    I would imagine that Rosa traveling in a Miata made for a ruff trip. :)

  2. janna Says:

    Ha ha!

  3. Lynn Says:

    Hmm … think of all the fleeces and wheels and looms you could fit in there – with plenty of room for Rosa, of course!

  4. Plum Texan Says:

    Have I mentioned lately that I adore you? :)

  5. Terri Says:

    She’s gorgeous! And I’m glad to know my husband and I are not the only ones who buy vehicles based on the dogs’ comfort! (We have two greyhounds, also NOT Miata-sized dogs.)

  6. Kirsten Says:

    Rosa looks very comfortable and happy in her Element. Last year when we were looking for a car, I really wanted to get a Toyota Matrix just so I could say “you are in the matrix” whenever I had a passenger. Geeky, no?

  7. minnie Says: