David doesn’t live here anymore

I don’t live here anymore.

I mean, of course I live ‘here’. ‘Here’ is where you are when you access that word. But my ‘here’ is no longer where it was when I used to say ‘here’. That ‘here’ is way over there.

My new ‘here’ is thousands of miles away from there, and it is much cooler. Cool enough that I’ve been thinking about picking up my needles and grabbing a ball out of my stash to make myself a new hat.

All of which is my circuitous way of saying, “I live in Seattle now.”

17 Responses to “David doesn’t live here anymore”

  1. marnie Says:

    So you gonna knit more now or what?

    Call your mother.


  2. Whitey Woodward Says:

    Yo David,

    You need to knit a TK helmet for this site:

    A knitted Storm Trooper Helmet would be EPIC, you can probably contact Lisa for some dimensions, I’m sure she has a Trooper helmet or two lying around her house.


  3. Visionsister Says:

    Welcome to the Emerald City!

  4. Lynn Says:

    I was just thinking you’ve awfully quiet recently.

  5. Suzy Says:

    :( No more chance meetings in SA. Again :(. Better make that hat waterproof! Enjoy the cool summer. We spent 3 days in Seattle once. It was great. I didn’t know how much I missed you until I saw this. :(

  6. cari Says:

    A much more sensible place for a knitter to live.

  7. Lilith Says:

    Holy cow! Congrats, hon! :)

  8. Kath Says:

    I’ve heard many good things about Seattle! Wish I could make that big of a leap, but just relocating off the island before the end of the summer is crazymaking. Hope you enjoy your new home and looking forward to hearing more about it!

  9. bonnie/AmpuTeeHee Says:

    Squee!! I am rolling through Seattle the first week in July, and was planning on hooking up with MsLeTonBeau. Wanna do coffee (or yarn crawl or both or something??)
    Cooler weather = more knitting ??

  10. Eileen Says:

    Wow, congrats David! I’m still in hot and humid Florida and am duly jealous! More knitting is always a good thing.

  11. Plum Texan Says:

    Um…wow? :) Well, happy Northwesterning, dear. I sure do hope to run into you at Rhinebeck…someday.

  12. heather Says:

    I hope you are enjoying Seattle! I am going to spend most of August there! What part are you living in? I used to live in Eastlake and my Mom lives in Shoreline :)

  13. Ellen-Mary Says:

    Wow! That’s a big move. Good for you.

  14. Kim Says:

    Hmmmm. . .. we’re in the same time zone now!

  15. meg Says:

    Congratulations! Eat some peaches this summer; they’re one of my favorite things about the Northwest,

  16. Hilary Says:

    Seriously?!? Dude, we didn’t get to meet up in SA yet! Don’t make me come over there to catch up with you! :-)

    Really?!?! Congrats on the move!

  17. Pippy Says:

    Dude! How cool is it! I am always the last to know about these things!!!