Entrelac and Load!

I got the most amazing merino/yak blend at Churchmouse Yarn and Tea a few weeks ago, along with some sweet Lantern Moon ebony circs. I’m planning to make an entrelac scarf out of the yarn – I have some dark brown and some cream-colored. I want to do some kind of a graduated color change, like a disintegrating chessboard kind of look. Not quite sure how I’m going to implement that yet. And I need to find better entrelac instructions because the first set I grabbed off the web are not working out for my brain.

I finally completed the kilt hose which were supposed to be my Knitting Olympics project, just in time to get them to their person before he hopped on a plain for Edinburgh. Which reminds me, the bastard still hasn’t sent me any pictures of him wearing them. Granted, I haven’t posted any pictures of them myself yet, but I’m going to blame him. Yeah. That works.

I would not have finished the hose had it not been for the Herculean efforts of my girlfriend. She not only knit most of the leg of one of the hose, but she designed new cuffs and knit them both AND grafted the cuffs on to the garters. I was using the John Anderson pattern, but instead of doing cabled cuffs, she came up with a thistle pattern which really rocked. I have photos somewhere, but not yet on Flickr.


My buddy sent me a picture featuring the hose! He’s the one on the right.

GermanyAndScotland 475

He told me that at the ceilidh after the ceremony, the hose got several comments. Squee.

2 Responses to “Entrelac and Load!”

  1. Mary Says:

    The entrelac instructions for the market bag in the XRX Bags book is pretty good – that and Enid and Janna helped me thru my first project. Knitting backwards is key!!!

  2. Suzy Says:

    Beautiful kilt hose! Miss seeing you in a kilt!