One Lone Sock

I finished my retina-immolating Jaywalker sock a few weeks ago – I’ve just been very slow to update things around here. For like two years.

Anyway, this sock is not going to be getting a mate any time soon. I had a lot of fun knitting it and I personally like the, shall we say, whimsical colorway, but I’ve put it up to a vote of my knitting peers and the consensus is that these colors only belong on a six-year old girl who is running away to join the circus. Some people went so far as to suggest that the six-year old would probably only wind up wearing these colors if she was subsequently vomited upon by a queasy clown.


13 Responses to “One Lone Sock”

  1. Lilith Says:

    Hey, that looks like what I imagine the inside of my stomach to look like now that I’ve eaten about a pound of Mike & Ike candies. Pass the Maalox.

  2. Lynn Says:

    Aw, come on – we all want to see you at Rhinebeck wearing a kilt and those socks!

  3. Sue J Says:

    I agree………..think they’d look swell with yer kilt!
    Life is too short to wear white socks.

  4. Jennigma Says:


  5. janna Says:

    I’m going to go against what appears to be the general consensus here — as much as I love pink, that colorway is a bit…. ummmm….. much…..

  6. Kath Says:

    Apparently I am six. And I should join the circus.

  7. Michelle Says:

    The blue lends a nice contrast. Cute kitty.

  8. KarenJ Says:

    Why the h… not? But long pants might be advisable so only flashes show. Skip the kilt with these. I love your model!

  9. Suzy Says:

    Awwww….come on, ya only live once! 😉

  10. Jess, of the Bugs Says:

    Well, March is for Making Mates, you know, and I like it! It’s bright and cheerful. I’d totally wear a pair of socks like that.

  11. marnie Says:


    On second thought, Hell No.

  12. KitKat the funsized Says:

    I’d so wear those. With shorts, no less.

  13. flarkin Says:

    I with Jess on this one. I would wear the hell out of those socks.