I hate inconsiderate campers

Last weekend, my girlfriend, her son, and my dog went camping on the Olympic peninsula. To make a long story short, we drove for about five hours looking for a campsite. We finally found one at Seal Rock.

It was a stone’s throw from the highway, which sucked. It was also right next to a campsite full of college kids who were blasting their stereo so loud we could hear it from the other side of the campground.

Jenn walked up to them and asked them to hold it down. Two hours later, I walked over and asked them to hold it down. At 11:30, Jenn went over again and TOLD them to hold it down – at which point, one of their party, a drunk girl, staggered to her feet and tried to get into a fistfight with her. Her logic was that people went to national parks to party, not to enjoy the quiet.

About an hour after that, they ran out of steam and we managed to get to sleep.

I freaking HATE inconsiderate people.

3 Responses to “I hate inconsiderate campers”

  1. Jennigma Says:


  2. Sheila Z Says:

    That’s why I like the Park Police. Here they have a no noise after 10 PM policy and it is enforced. I so love when the Park Police give people the choice of leave or get arrested.

  3. KitKat Knits Says:

    Bungholes. Though, I’ve got neighbors who’re like that…. Ah, the joys of living in town… NOT!!!!!