More coding than knitting

I haven’t knit anything in ages. I’m in the process of moving right now, which has disrupted one of my current side projects – namely learning to knit on a Brother knitting machine. That got sidelined a few weeks before the Madrona conference because I wanted to be able to show people a proof-of-concept app that I’m working on. There are sooper sekrit projects underway that hopefully I can fully talk about come summer.

Pursuant to one of these sooper sekrit projects, my girlfriend and I travelled to meet some folks this weekend to discuss ideas and directions, and also to help one of them prepare for a fiber class that’s going on this week.

On the way, we met Mona. I have heard that camels are nasty animals, but I will testify in court that not only was she extremely friendly, she has the softest nose it has ever been my pleasure to smooch.
Mona and me

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