Getting closer

Ugh. Wow. The Memorial Day holiday weekend is almost over and I have spent the lion’s share of it in front of my computer, trying to accomplish a single task. I’ve been trying to create a database using a desktop application on my Mac and move it over to an application that I’m writing on my iPad. In very simple terms, I’ve been trying to move a file from point A to point B.

I feel kind of thick for taking so long to get this accomplished. But I just succeeded. I can now edit my database on my desktop (where having a proper mouse and a full keyboard makes data entry a heck of a lot simpler than on the iPad) and with a couple of clicks and drags, get the database onto my iPad for viewing. Ah, sweet victory. Now I just need to make the application on the iPad do something interesting with it.

I want a cookie.

One Response to “Getting closer”

  1. Suzy Says:

    Come see me. I’ll bake your favorite kind! (What other type of cookie is there? ;O) Oh, and I’ll have milk too!