In Which I Write Software

Snap! It

So I’ve been doing stuff.

You wouldn’t know that to look at this site for the past – oh, five years or so – but one of the reasons that I haven’t been blogging is that I haven’t been doing things that I think would be of interest to the people who’ve historically been the audience here. I almost never knit anymore, but I am still close to the knitting world, mostly thanks to my partner Jennifer. She knits like a fiend and is always exploring interesting nooks and crannies of the fiber universe, so I’ve been getting my knitting fix vicariously through her. (It’s really not the same though.)

Jennifer was putting together some instructional materials a few months ago and got to the point where she needed to take pictures of the knitting techniques that she was executing. Now, Jennifer and I both know our way around cameras. She’s Canon and I’m Nikon, so there’s a wee bit of friction there, but hey, variety is the spice of life. But we found that neither one of our fancy-schmancy camera rigs was really right for the job. It’s not that it was impossible to take close-up pictures of both of her hands knitting; it’s just that it was . . . I don’t know, is there a word that is the antonym of ergonomic? It was clumsy and frustrating. Either she could try and set up her Canon between herself and her hands and angle the camera correctly and set the timer and get her hands in position and and and . . . Or, I could over next to her and try and shoot over her shoulder. Which kind of worked, but I’m a limited resource. Most of the time that she’s working on her knitting projects, I’m at work doing worky things.

One day, fed up with the kludgyness of the process, she looked over at me and said “What I need is a voice-activated camera app for my iPhone, dammit.”

Pointed staring at me.

Eventually it penetrated my skull that she was saying that I should do the writing of this app. And so, many months later, I got my first app posted on the Apple app store. May I present Snap! It. It’s billed as a voice-activated camera, but make no mistake – I really did make this specifically for knitters. Anyone who meets the following criteria should try it out:

  • Is a knitter/crocheter/fiber artist
  • Has an iPhone/iPod/iPad
  • Wants to share pictures of WIPs or techniques with other sighted individuals

It will be significantly more useful if you have a tripod and a mounting bracket for your iOS device. There is no way to stabilize a device just through software at the moment, sorry. But once you get the phone/pod/pad positioned the way you want, just say “snap” or “capture” and the app will happily take pictures for you and save them to your camera roll.

I’m actively developing Snap! It and plan to add more features in the near future, including video recording and focus/exposure controls. Right now the app is free, but when I feel that it has become sufficiently feature-rich, it is going to be reasonably priced. Please check it out if you are so inclined. And please send feedback. I want this app to be a helpful tool.

3 Responses to “In Which I Write Software”

  1. janna Says:

    Cool! I just downloaded it and took a picture of my finger nails (after which, I realized my nails look great but my cuticles are a mess). Maybe tomorrow night, I’ll take pictures of my knitting….

  2. Annie Says:

    I downloaded this–it’s great!

  3. droth Says:

    Thanks guys! I’m still working on it – feel free to send me any suggestions.