Kilt Hose Notes

Rhinebeck kilt hose (John Anderson kilt hose):
Ending 1st at 16.5″ from sole on round 2 (c4b) at the back of the calf.

Bootstrap Marshmallow Kilt Hose:
#5 dpns
Plymouth Encore DK
Gauge: 5st./inch

Use a figure-8 cast-on to cast on 10 stitches. Work one round. Starting with next round, *k1, m1r, knit across to second-to-last stitch on the side, m1l; repeat on second side. Knit one round plain.*

Repeat between * until toe is about 2″ long. 56 stitches total.

Start instep ribbing:
Row 1: k3, *p2, k2* 5 times, p2, k3, k28.
Row 2: k3, *p2, c2b* 5 times, p2, k3, k28.

Work until piece is about 7 “.
Turn heel as a darted heel w/stitch wraps. (Note: improve this as a normal short-row heel.)
After heel, purl one round, knit one round, knit to 1 st from back of ankle, and p1.
Begin leg pattern:
*p1, k2, p1, c4b, p1, k2* and repeat 5 times. Do only knits and purls on first row.
Work the c4b crossovers every fifth row.

Work until the leg comes to just below the knee, about 23 repeats.

Work one inch of 1×1 rib. On first round of ribbing, decrease one stitch evenly around the leg.
At end of ribbing, increase in the same way back to 56 stitches.

Begin entrelac cuff. Turn work inside out, and work eight half-triangles of seven stitches each. Work two full rounds of entrelac, then end with a round of triangles. Pick up 7st, purling the last picked-up stitch together with the first stitch in the next panel.

K6, p5, p2tog
K5, p4, p2tog
K4, p3, p2tog
K3, p2, p2tog
K2, p2tog.

Work one round of purl.
Work five rounds of k1,p1 ribbing. Finish with an Icelandic Bind-Off